What are Client Reports and How to create them for clients when managing multiple websites?

As a freelancer or as an agency, it is very profitable to maintain websites for clients. You can earn monthly fixed commissions by doing some basic maintenance like updates, backups, security setup, speed optimization and site analytics for clients. 

But there is one more thing you need to do to satisfy clients. And what is that?

A consolidated report about site activity. You may include plugin updates details, how many backups taken, site security status, site downtime reports, total site visitors and their behavior etc in your presentation and customize with your agency branding. Once your data provides valuable information to clients, they will be more loyal and repeat customers for your business.

You may follow some readymade templates or self-made reports in this respect. But what if you have many clients with multiple websites? Will you prepare hundreds of websites reports manually or create automated reports?

In business, the most important thing is to save time, not money. Generating website maintenance reports cover many areas. It includes Core WordPress updates and version reports. You also have to mention the plugins you have updated with their current version.

How many backups you have taken and how the SSL is performing, need to be outlined. You can also generate site optimization and caching reports. The most important part of the report should be guiding your client about the behavior of his website visitors. This can be done by pulling out reports from Google Analytics. Doing all these things alone can be very time consuming and hamper your business growth. Alternatively, you can send agency-branded reports integrated with Google Analytics by Flywheel Growth Suite.

How to prepare multiple websites maintenance reports with Flywheel Growth Suite?

When you provide website maintenance support to clients, You face some common problems. One of the core problems is to assemble all the sites information in one place accurately and customize them as per client requirements. You may be working alone or may have a small team, it seems quite time consuming and problematic to report to clients. 

Flywheel Growth Suite is designed to help freelancers and agency owners to grow their business in this respect.

Here’s how you can generate a report for client:

Step 1: Log in to the Growth Suite dashboard and select Clients menu.

Step 2: Click on Reports and there you see the Create New Report button.

Step 3: Customize the report with your Agency logo, give your report a title and set a welcome message. Setup your header and footer details.

Step 4: Select the contents of the report.  Use those checkboxes and toggles to set up the report content.

Step 5: Choose the client  and reporting website name. Set report starting date, frequency,notifications and click Schedule Report. That’s it. You are ready to surprise your client.

If you are looking for a video tutorial, Click here for more.

Which Growth Suite plan is perfect for client reporting?

Have a look at the Pricing table comparison taken from Flywheel website.


Here you see, the Growth Suite features for both Freelance and Agency plans are the same. The main differences between them are how many sites to cover, traffic management, storage capability, Bandwidth and providing dedicated support.

If you are a solo or a small team of freelancers, buy the Freelance plan. 

And if you are already a growing agency and want to drive more growth and revenue, select Agency plan.

How can i compare Growth Suite with others in the market?

We will mention just one alternative to Growth Suite here. That is iThemes Sync Pro. It also helps you to generate Website Maintenance reports automatically from WordPress dashboard. You can send site details, plugin details, user details ,recent posts, comments, uptime, SEO details, Security details, backup status, Google analytics data and many more with iThemes Sync Pro. 

We encourage you to explore this tool also along with Flywheel Growth Suite to have a better understanding.

Final thoughts:

When clients find your reports data driven and helpful to make decisions, they will be your most valuable partner for business growth. Then you can charge them more and level up your business compared to other service providers. Flywheel Growth Suite and its clients report generator are certainly better tools to keep you way ahead in the competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

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