How To Get On Site Client Feedback During a Web Project? A Guide To Communicate With Clients Visually.


I started my website design business not so long ago. To be honest, I am still in the learning process. But it is also mentionable that I have used almost every plugin out there to speedup my design process and deliver projects on time. I am already grateful to WordPress, Astra and Elementor for their outstanding support to grow my online business. But suddenly I discovered that I am consuming too much time while communicating with clients. Sometimes conflict arises between me and my clients. To clear the distance, luckily I have found ProjectHuddle.

How many times your website is reviewed after completion? Your clients tell you to edit the non-editables! You have already spent many sleepless nights to receive input from clients. You have sent countless emails and messages while fixing bugs. Miscommunication happens about where to place images, selecting right fonts and brand colors. Frustration happens both for you and your clients.

Have you ever figured out the actual time and money that consumes all these communication processes with clients? How pressure do you feel while tracking all client emails, messages and answering them? How much money have you invested in project management softwares only to collect client feedback? Rather than being creative and focused, you are becoming distracted and getting misjudged by clients.

As there are barriers for traditional communication, all you need is to establish a direct client feedback process to simplify communication.

Why is direct client feedback so important?

A Web designer or a web developer face some challenges to create a fully functional website that is both user friendly and mobile friendly. The new website should be optimized and fast loading otherwise visitors will never return there. There should be proper combination of colors , fonts ,images and videos. If you are a designer, i can bet you must have gone through the stages. If the client satisfies, you win!

So to make your design or developer business a success, you first should meet clients need and hear them. Here comes the importance of direct clients feedback –

  •  When you value clients’ comments promptly, you will win more projects.
  • Clients trust you when true communication happens, You are ready to generate more revenue.
  • Customers feel valued and heard if their feedback are executed on the go.
  • The whole design process is speeded up and shaped as per client need as they can visualise the project.
  • Direct client feedback reduces number of communication platforms (email, messages, phone calls etc) and saves valuable time.  
  • Direct client feedback helps to deliver a project on time and to get accepted without any review!           
How to get client’s feedback in the right way that saves both time and money?

To be straight, We recommend ProjectHuddle. It is a dead simple WordPress plugin that is built for designers and developers to collect organized client feedback. It is built in mind to reduce communication gap between designers and clients and to deliver top notch projects on time.

Why do we choose ProjectHuddle?

Answer is, To find an exact solution for direct client feedback for designers and developers, we considered three basic points.

Number one is, finding the most used platform to build websites by business owners.

Second one is, creating lower dependency on multiple communication channels.

And the third one is, lower price with quality.

Currently there are about 64 million websites run with WordPress. 661 new WordPress sites go live each day. It is undoubtedly the most common platform used by both business owners and designers. We have found ProjectHuddle compatible with WordPress. ProjectHuddle plugin can be easily used in any WordPress sites.

ProjectHuddle reduces the number of communication channels while doing a web project. It is also much cheaper than other competitors in the market.

projecthuddle price

If you want to have a look at the functions right now of projectHuddle, Try this demo.

Now have a look at some more cool functionalities of ProjectHuddle.

How ProjectHuddle can benefit you?

Whether you are a designer or a web developer, ProjectHuddle is for you to save tons of time and money. You can benefit from ProjectHuddle in the following ways.

💪 Not only will your response rate be higher but also you will have an increased on time delivery rate.

💪 You and your clients can leave comments directly on live websites and on different mockups.

💪 Keep track of changes and comments made.

💪 Assign team members to specific sections and monitor the overall issues.

💪  Create client access links easily.

💪 Easy bug tracking and reporting.

💪  Setup automatic email notifications to everyone in the project.

💪 ProjectHuddle works on any mobile device also.

💪 Developer friendly and clients love the sticky instant feedback notes.

💪 Easy restore for unwanted deleted comments and images.

💪 ProjectHuddle is GPL (GNU General Public License) licensed, so there is no customization limit.

💪 A child plugin is available to maintain multiple client identities with ProjectHuddle parent site.

💪  A helping community on Facebook.

Watch this full video to understand how projectHuddle works behind the scene and how to set up on your own.

How about the price?

ProjectHuddle is offering Regular and Professional plans to users.

Regular plan is $109 for 1 year with unlimited Mockups, websites and users. You will also get full support and updates for 1 year. You will also get one central dashboard and one dashboard site to manage unlimited projects.

The Professional plan is $139 annually. You will get every feature of the regular plan plus future addons with file upload options. PDF support is available on this plan.

You can also purchase it for lifetime with $599 only.

Every plan comes with a 30 day free trial and one to one direct email support.

There are some cons too

😞 ProjectHuddle does not offer any free plan. This is a barrier for small entrepreneurs.

😞 The paid plans are calculated annually. Sometimes it seems tough to pay a large amount of money at once. The payment system should be broken down to a monthly basis.

Ratings and Reviews of ProjectHuddle

The overall rating for ProjectHuddle on G2 is 4.6. 

ProjectHuddle scored 8.6 in Ease of use on G2. 

It has also got 8.0 on the Quality support category.

Read the full review from G2.

On the other hand ProjectHuddle also scored 4.6 out of 5 in Capterra.

Read Capterra review now.

We are also attaching some more reviews from ProjectHuddle own website for better understanding.

Competitors of ProjectHuddle

There are some others out there to serve the same purpose that ProjectHuddle does. 

We have searched for top competitors of ProjectHuddle on G2. InVision ranked the top position there.

Compare ProjectHuddle with all other big competitors on G2 from here.

See more alternatives of ProjectHuddle on Capterra.

Besides this, we want to mention one last alternative to ProjectHuddle here and that is

We have found this SaaS product helpful and similar to ProjectHuddle for quality website feedback and bug tracking.

Last thoughts

The team behind ProjectHuddle worked hard to build a better solution to collect client feedback. And surely their effort is praiseworthy. 

If you are a designer or a developer or a digital agency, ProjectHuddle is built to save valuable time for you and gives freedom to communicate with clients seamlessly. 

It also reduces dependency on multiple ways of communication and improves the overall workflow where developers get peace of mind.


I want to learn more about ProjectHuddle, how is it possible?

➡️ Explore the HELP section.

I am not using WordPress. How can I integrate ProjectHuddle with my CMS?

➡️ ProjectHuddle is integrated with more than 1500 apps using Zapier. It has many extensions too.

What is the refund policy?

➡️ If you are not satisfied with the 30 day free trial, You can ask for a refund and get that immediately from the company.

Disclosure: Our team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. We aim to highlight the products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our partner.

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