How to increase affiliate sales using a comparison table? (Guide for 2022)


Are you an Amazon affiliate searching ways to increase sales or just a newbie in affiliate marketing looking for a perfect guideline to start the business?

This article is done only for you and after reading the post, I hope you will be able to play the marketing game like a pro. So, let’s dive in.

What is affiliate marketing?

The concept is very simple. You promote a product or service of any company through online. When customers buy using your affiliate link, you get a commission from that company! 

Some companies will also pay you only for getting free signups, free trials or apps download.

Commission rate varies from 5% to 80% or even higher! Some companies pay a flat fee also.

To become a successful affiliate, gaining trust and providing useful solutions to the customers are the most important actions you should work on.

Along with many companies’  solo affiliate programs, there are many affiliate networks in the market. Once approved to those networks, you can join many affiliate programs under the network.

Almost every affiliate program is free to join and there is no upfront cost to marketers. They will also provide you with readymade banners, text links, social posts, email guides and sample blog posts! Companies and affiliate networks will also provide you with detailed reports where you can track your link and measure the performance. You see, it’s a win-win game both for companies and publishers like you.

Affiliate marketing has some drawbacks also. You don’t have any control over the quality of products or services you preach. Sometimes you have to wait a long time to make a sale.If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, here are some articles for you to enjoy.

First article is from Shopify.

Second article is from SmartPassiveIncome.

And the third one is from Neil Patel.

What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

I hope you have already had a shopping experience with Amazon. It is the world’s largest online retailer by market capitalization. It began its journey as an online bookseller in 1994 and gradually became one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Amazon associates program

The good news is that Amazon has an affiliate program for bloggers, site owners and affiliate marketers. The program is called Amazon Associates and it has millions of products and services to share with your audience. The associates program is very popular among the affiliates as customers feel safe and elegant while purchasing from Amazon. And it covers almost all categories of products and services that are super helpful for marketers.

For deep learning please read the below articles.

First one is from AAWP blog.

Second one is from HubSpot.

The last one is from AuthorityHacker.

What is AAWP and how does it help Amazon affiliate marketing?

AAWP, in full Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is by far one of the the best WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliate Marketing. This plugin is dedicated for affiliate marketers and is very specifically designed for Amazon Associates Program.

If you are familiar with Amazon affiliation and already working hard to generate more traffic and revenue with Amazon products, AAWP is surely your next step. Here are some points where AAWP can help you to grow your Amazon Affiliate business.

↦ When product price or any information are changing, you are updating them manually.  That’s not smart affiliating. AAWP collects Amazon’s Product Advertising API and updates them automatically. You don’t have to worry or even aware of the upcoming changes from Amazon.

You can create text links, Single product boxes, Visually appealing Comparison tables, Bestseller lists, New released products lists and Widgets on the fly with AAWP and thus provide valuable information to visitors.

↦ You can target your customers with their geographical location and send them to their local amazon store. It will help your visitors to feel more comfortable to buy.

↦ AAWP has many readymade templates and designs for creating lists or tables. You can also customize as per your audience’s needs.

↦ All your data is totally secured with AAWP’s HTPS/SSL secured connection and caching is included to bring information quickly.

↦ You can use the browser extension from AAWP and quickly create any Amazon affiliate link from browser toolbar. 

AAWP is totally compatible with Amazon Associate program and it complies with Amazon’s terms & conditions. That’s why no worries about violation of terms & conditions from Amazon.

Comparison Table builder from AAWP

First of all, have a look at the picture.

This picture contains far more appealing design and real time comparison within multiple products than text based boring information. Your customers can see all the features and can compare them with others in the market at a glance and they become more interested in buying the products. This kind of comparison table is widely used in the online industry specially for showing different prices and different features and it is very popular among marketers and buyers.

With AAWP, it is very simple to build such comparison tables. You don’t need any programming knowledge or no need to be expert at design. AAWP lifts the weight for you.

Let’s look at some more functions you can do by using AAWP Comparison Table builder which ultimately boost conversion and increase more affiliate sales.

  • The AAWP Comparison Table builder provides better UX design and user experience.It is very easy for buyers to compare multiple products with features like product image, Star ratings, Selling price, Buy now button etc in a single box. They don’t have to go to a specific product description page and without much more scrolling down, you can direct them to make payments.
  • It saves both time and money for you. You just need to install the plugin and from settings, it is very easy for you to create a beautiful comparison table in minutes. You don’t need to hire a freelancer or a costly developer either. AAWP is giving 1 year of free support if you purchase any of their plans.
  • Amazon has a strict policy to show accurate prices and the date of the product prices should be clear to the visitors. On different dates and festivals, the prices are also changed from Amazon. So it becomes quite tough to manually update the price and date all the time for you. It is also hard for you to become noticed when the changes occur. AAWP is the savior for you in this respect.  AAWP has a “Last update” feature which allows you to display the current price and the last updated time automatically!
  • Using AAWP allows you to display any products in your any posts or pages. You can create unlimited appealing comparison boxes in your different pages. It makes your site stand out from your competitors. You attract more visitors,get more clicks,get more sales and become a super affiliate.

How to build Comparison table with AAWP

You can easily build Comparison tables right from your WordPress dashboard. 

There are 3 steps to follow-

  1. Add products Via ASIN or product search.
  2. Create table rows as per your need and choose content types.
  3. When ready, insert the table shortcode in your posts or pages.

I recommend you to watch the tutorial in full and you will feel comfortable using AAWP then.


AAWP gained a lot of popularity among user for its simplicity and advanced functionalities like Comparison table builders and shortcodes. Here are some graphical reviews taken from AAWP’s website.

I love the review from WPLift and from RebelLink also. For total knowledge, these reviews are worth reading.

Pricing plan offered

AAWP has four types of pricing plans. Those are Personal, Plus, Pro and Ultimate. All plans have a 30 day Money Back guarantee. You will get 1 year of updates and 1 year of free support from AAWP. 

The Personal plan is €49 for 1 site usage with every functionalities included.

The Plus plan is €129 for 3 sites usage(The most popular plan).

The Pro plan is €249 for 10 sites to use.

The Ultimate plan is €399 for 25 sites usage.

Some negatives of AAWP

  • There is no free basic plan available for beginners. AAWP’s paid plans are a bit expensive for new affiliate marketers.
  • The plugin does not have a direct search option from its dashboard to find Amazon products.
  • Only 1 site can be used with a personal plan that is not good enough for individual business owners.

Alternative to AAWP

There are some more plugins exist in the market that serve like AAWP. 

I recommend you to explore those plugins and choose the right one for your business.

One of my favorite alternatives to AAWP is Azon Press. You can also try this one and compare the overall features with AAWP.

Closing statement

If you search on Google for the best Amazon wordpress plugin, definitely you will see AAWP on top of the list. AAWP has many positive reviews from the users. The functionalities AAWP provides are surely best in the business. The comparison table builder from AAWP can turn your Amazon affiliate business for sustainable growth. The developers of the plugin have tried hard and soul to provide top notch support to the customers.

My advice to you is to use the plugin and analyze your affiliate revenue growth.

I hope information provided here will help you to grow your affiliate business sharply. If you have some more thoughts, please let me know in the comments.

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