Top 3 WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Website.

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Why Security matters for Website?

  • A hacked website lost its trust and credibility to customers. It will ruin your overall brand reputation and customers.
  • Financial loss occurs as it affects site traffic.
  • Mental distress will kill you when you experience hacking. You will slap yourself while thinking, “Why did not I take timely preventive measures?”
  • Getting blacklisted to browsers and search engines. Ultimately Visitors will fear exploring your site.
  • All of your Data including Customer information can be breached and used against you.

In this article,I have listed the best 3 Security Plugins that will keep bad people away from your WordPress site. (Tips inside: A list of TO DO’S & NOT TO DO’s guidelines to secure your website from black hackers.)

Sucuri is on the top

My top pick is Sucuri to protect website from hackers as it is the proven game changer in the field of Website security. Avangate

Benefits of Sucuri

1. Scan and detect Malware, and then remove the viruses for good.

2.  Their firewall security is level 1 Payment Card Industry(PCI) compliant that ensures safe online shopping.

3.  Fast page loading while maintaining the website up for 24 hours a day.

4.  Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) & Brute Force Attacks Protections have enabled those block hackers instantly.

5. Automatic backup in Off-site cloud storage.

6. Provide Free SSL Certificate.

7. Remove site from blacklisting in browsers and search engines.

Want to see if your website contains a virus or malicious code and the blacklisting status?

Sucuri has a free service to check site vulnerability.

Check your site now.


  1. Customer support is ticket-based. Chat and email support is only available to enterprise solutions.
  2. Only 1 site is offered to get protection in all plans.
  3. The basic plan starts with $199.99/per year which is too costly compared to other companies.


Sucuri have 3 Packages currently which are named Basic, Pro & Business.

The Basic plan costs 199.99/year, the Pro plan will charge 299.99/year & the Business plan costs 499.99/year.

Sucuri has an Enterprise solution that offers custom websites to get protection and live chat support.

All plans have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Check the overall comparisons of these plans from here.

You can also check the free plugin for site checking before purchasing any plan.


malcare plugin

Malcare quickly grabbed the attention of the users as it provides early Malware detection than any other top security plugins.


1.Easy installation and one-click Automatic cleaning malware from posts, pages, comments, and codes completely.

2. Malware scan runs offsite on MalCare servers, so your website will never slow down.
3.Geo & IP blocking  available & Tracks Smallest File Changes.

4.Daily automatic scan & MalCare plugin uses 100+ signals to identify the malware and helps you to detect the malware before it attacks your website.

5.Remove the affected files only from the website while other files remain safe.

6. Affordable pricing compared to other plugins on the market

7. Backup service is available

8. Minimal false alarms with timely email alerts.

Malcare has an excellent solution page that covers almost everything about how to use MalCare for better results.

You can read their full documentation here and easily solve your pain points regarding website security.


  1. No DDOS attacks protection.
  2. Does not have database scanning


It has 3 packages including a custom solution.

The personal plan is $99/year for 1 site and a small business plan is $259/year for 5 sites.

For up to 20 sites it becomes $599/year.

See their pricing model to get whole picture.

My suggestion is to Check their free plugin first and watch what it can do for you.

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro is the cheapest option especially for bloggers and small website owners.


1.Two factor authentication enabled.

2. Hide & change The WordPress Login URL(such as wp-admin) option is pretty standard. You can also disable access for a certain time.

3.Limit login failures with Brute Force Prevention features.

4.File change alert.

5.Database off-site storage backup.

6.Control users and delete any of them when needed.

7.One click “Secure Site” feature will make the day for you.

8.Entry package is as low as  $80/per year.

See the pricing plan for iThemes Security Pro.

A free version is also available for iThemes Security Pro.

Download the plugin and enjoy some serious security for your site.

Read the whole documentation to find all your answers about the plugin.


Uses a Third-party scanner like Sucuri for site scanning.


The initial blogger package is only $80/per year.

Their Gold package covers unlimited site protection for $199 per year.

Honorable Mention:

Surely it is always better to check other security plugins in the market to get a good understanding of how they work.

Play around with these 3 other top plugins.


All In One WP Security & Firewall

Astra Web Security

Which one to pick:

Every Security plugin has different functions and goals to secure a website. But what is the ideal one to choose from?

The answer is simple-The best one scans, cleans & protects.

Here are some characteristics that an ideal security plugin should have-

  1. Detecting Malware in Both Files & Database
  2. Scanning Without Using Your Site Resources
  3. Instant Malware Removal
  4. Unlimited Cleanups
  5. Firewall Protection to Block Malicious Traffic
  6. Login Page Protection
  7. Website Hardening Measures
  8. Single Dashboard for Managing Multiple Sites
  9. Excellent instant Customer Support
  10. A backup strategy

For better understanding, let’s have a quick look at the features of top listed security plugins. I hope it will give you an overall idea of what to choose.

Plan for the future:

It is always wise to take prevention early. The world of technology is changing so fast that it is really hard to predict what will happen in the next two to three years. Hackers are well prepared and always on the toe to find little backdoors on your site.

So, are you start sweating and become worried about how to handle upcoming unknown Web security threats to your Woo-commerce store?

Here are some Basic TO DO’S & NOT TO DO’s guidelines to secure your website from black hackers.

  1. A reliable secured Web Hosting will save a ton for you.
  2. Don’t forget to install SSL- the front liner security guard for you.
  3. Take Regular backup & Update core files. You may use backupbuddy to do the task.
  4. Use 2 Factor authentication.
  5. Create a Strong Password. Please don’t use 123456 or qwerty a password. Better try a Password Manager.
  6. Look for new user account activities.
  7. Use a paid/Licensed  version of anti-Virus on the computer.
  8. Never click/download a malicious link.
  9. Don’t open emails that you do not feel trusted and secured.
  10. If hacked, do not hesitate to contact the security experts.

Useful guidelines to follow:

  •  You can follow this documentation to get a complete picture of cybersecurity.

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