Web Hosting Types For Scalable Businesses: Liquid Web Versus Nexcess- Guide For 2021

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Right hosting plan is a big player in any online business. A well-selected hosting will keep your site always up,fast loading and creates a layer of protection against any cyber attack.

Most importantly You should be free from time consuming regular maintenance like doing updates, taking backups, technical site setup etc. The main purpose should be to free yourself so that you can only focus on the core business and spend some more time with family.

So, first things first. Let’s talk about the types of Web Hosting that exist.

Hosting providers offer different plans for different purposes

Five common types of Hosting are offered from Hosting providers.They are Shared Hosting, Managed Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

A little brief of Hosting types for better understanding

Shared Hosting runs from a single server with multiple websites. So you have to compromise with Disk space, Speed, Uptime and many more. It is very much suitable for beginners and low traffic websites as it has minimal cost.

Managed Hosting is for those who want to focus on their core business instead of doing all the technical setup by themselves or hiring a freelancer. Hosting providers do the server setup, provide network security, monitor 24/7,  manage server performance, Update Operating Systems and much more. To learn more about Managed Hosting, Please read the article.

VPS means Virtual Private Server. In VPS Hosting you will get your own server, not physical but Virtual. Only fewer sites will be connected to a virtual server with shared Disk space, memory and Processor. Ultimately VPS Hosting is the cheap version of Dedicated Hosting. To learn more about VPS Hosting, Please read the article.

Cloud Hosting has got some different idea.  There is no single server for Cloud Hosting. A group of Physical and virtual servers is created and they perform as a single network which brings faster and secured experience for users.If any small unit is down for some time, Website can be loaded from another unit. The interesting fact is that customers have to pay only what resources they use.

Dedicated Hosting is the highest level of hosting experience you can get. A complete single server with preferred Disk Space, CPU and memory is reserved for you. Hence you become the solo owner of the entire server. This is suitable for large enterprises, high traffic sites, massive database sites and for developing Apps. Dedicated Hosting is reliable, flexible, secured and performance oriented according to all aspects.

My business is ready to purchase hosting, but which provider will work best?

We always recommend searching on Google first to find any answer. But sometimes too much information and a lot of options create a dilemma and we are easily close to choosing the wrong one. Hence My suggestion is to go for only the first 3 searches you have found. Read them with time and care, find the features with Pros and Cons, and study customer feedback. Crosscheck the Hosting plan with your Business model, definitely You will find the right fit.

In this post, we will focus on two Big brands on Hosting, those are Liquid Web And Nexcess.

Clear Disclaimer- We are Proud Partners for Liquid Web and Nexcess. But our study does not contain any biased words or false information. We only present the actual features they have and how they can benefit your business compared to others. No sales pitch, only Recommendations. 

Now let’s dive into work.

Liquid Web Introduction

Started in 1997, Liquid Web quickly became one of the most trusted Managed Web Hosting solutions in the industry. It offers Hosting solutions to Business Owners, Freelancers, Agencies and to Resellers. They focus on people and create Managed products to solve people’s real problems.

They have 10 Global Data centers, Over 25,000 servers, Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Cooling system,On-site security and Level-3 Technicians for support.

Here is a tour to Liquid Web Data Centers.

Liquid Web operates as a parent brand for Liquid Web.

There are two more brands named Nexcess and StellarWP operating under Liquid Web.

Liquid Web is providing High Performance Managed Hosting.

Nexcess is specialized for Digital Commerce Cloud.

StellarWP is delivering WordPress Themes & Plugins for Liquid Web.

Solutions Offered By Liquid Web

Liquid Web Covers a wide range of Hosting solutions. It is focused on small startups, medium sized businesses,already grown up businesses and on Large Enterprises. They have curated multiple solutions for these types of businesses. 

It offers Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting,  Cloud Hosting and HIPAA Compliant Hosting,Enterprise Hosting,Managed WordPress, Managed Woocommerce, Managed Magento Hosting and various Add-Ons.

Under Nexcess, another brand of Liquid Web, They serve Managed WordPress, Managed Woocommerce and Managed Magento services. We will come to that point later on.

Liquid Web handles Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting from Liquid Web is divided into some packages.

  • Intel Xeon 1230v6 Managed Dedicated server is designed for High traffic sites, Multiple websites,small apps and Resellers. 
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R- Single Server is great for Databases, small SaaS,large resellers and multiple apps.. 
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R- Dual is suitable for multi user apps, Big databases, large SaaS and Virtualization. 

See all features right here.

A new summer sale from Liquid Web is offering Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting with Intel Xeon 1271 v3 starts from $129/mo.

Server Cluster is suited to High Volume Ecommerce sites and SaaS companies. You can set up from two to Two Hundred Servers as per necessity starting from $743/mo.

See all the features here.

Cloud Dedicated servers are fit for hosting small apps, Websites and Resellers starts from $149/mo.

See the Standard and High performance cloud Dedicated features here.

VMware Private cloud is equipped with Fast 10GB Networking,NetApp SAN Storage, DDos Protection, Backups and Firewall starts from $510/mo.

View more features here.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting follows Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act 1996. So, HIPAA hosting is targeted to secure the healthcare Data industry starting from $344.

See full features here. 

Cloud Servers are Fully Managed and built with OpenStack Technology. Liquid Web team will configure and deploy the solution, and manage the entire infrastructure.Designed for High Demand sites and Apps, Cloud server Hosting ensures Security,Redundancy and Frond-End Load Balancing.

Three Packages exist under Cloud servers like Standard, Professional and Premier. Price varies from $265/mo to $740/mo.

Managed VPS Hosting gives you the combined experience of a Dedicated Server and the flexibility of Cloud Hosting. It is very much cost effective as it is fully cloud based, you have to pay for only what resources you use. This is fit for Beginners, small business owners and for new startups. Hosting plan ranges from $15/mo to $125/mo on Linux Server and from $54/mo to $169/mo on Windows.

View more details here to save up to 75% as an introductory offer.

Customized Enterprise Solutions is also available on Liquid Web.

There are Add-Ons like Storage,Backup,Security,Performance,WordPress Plugins,Database Hosting, Email Hosting available which make Liquid Web a Complete One Stop Solution. 

Nexcess Introduction

Nexcess is a member of Liquid Web Family. But it has a different mission and separate products.

Nexcess is the premier eCommerce hosting provider for SMBs. It was combined with Liquid Web to provide more innovative solutions to both designers and site owners.

Nexcess operates Eight Global Data centers located in North America, Europe and in Asia.

Every Data center is PCI Compliant, comes with advanced security and a 24/7 support team.

Nexcess has made the Inc 5000 list 8 times since 2010.

Watch the video to get some insights about Nexcess.


Solutions Offered by Nexcess

Nexcess has introduced many on demand solutions for business owners, Site owners, Developers and for designers.

It has many products, Custom services and useful Add-ons in its portfolio.

Here are the top products that nexcess is offering-

Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Woocommerce Hosting with StoreBuilder,Managed Magento Hosting,Drupal Cloud Hosting,Bigcommerce for WordPress,Syluis Cloud Hosting,ExpressionEngine Cloud Hosting,CraftCMS Cloud Hosting and Membership sites with WPQuickStart by Nexcess.

Take a quick look at all the products here.

Let’s start with Fully Managed WordPress Hosting first.

When it comes to running Websites on WordPress, You have to do a lot of tasks. WordPress Installation,Setup , Plugin and Themes update, core WordPress update, taking backups, Site security monitoring, ensuring site speed-all are time consuming and require some technical knowledge. Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting is the remedy of all.

Regular package starts with $19/mo but You can get 50% off for the first six months now.

Fully Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Woocommerce is the most popular and widely used Plugin to build any online store in WordPress. Nexcess has created a Managed Hosting plan for woocommerce store owners. The plan includes cart abandonment technology, Sales Performance Monitor, AffiliateWP,ConvertPro and advanced analytics with Glew.io. There are also custom order tables and Free AI Powered StoreBuilder included with every plan. You will get Staging environment, 30-Day Backups,Unlimited Email Accounts and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee also.

Starter package normally starts with $19/mo. But Good thing is,Nexcess is offering 50% off for the first 6 months.

Managed Magento Cloud Hosting

Magento from Adobe is an open source free eCommerce platform that provides a seamless shopping experience for customers and retailers and brands can deploy their store in any PHP server and MySQL Database in the cloud.

Nexcess has introduced Magento hosting with Dedicated IP addresses, instant auto scaling and with improved site speed. Users will get a Magento Master on-staff, 30-Day backups, Unlimited Email accounts and 30-Day Money back guarantee in every plan.

Initially you can build up to 11 sites with 50GB storage only for $49/mo.

Nexcess is now offering 50% off for the first 4 months.

To learn more about other products from Nexcess,click here.

Difference Between Liquid Web And Nexcess

Sometimes the names of these two hosting providers are mentioned side by side. That makes readers puzzled and they can’t decide on choosing the right hosting plan for their business.

→The first important thing you have to consider is that Liquid Web is the Parent Brand.

Nexcess is a part of the Liquid Web Family of Brands.

Liquid Web is best fit for Dedicated, Cloud and VPS Hosting.

On the other hand, Nexcess is best for Managed Hosting for any WordPress, Woocommerce or Magento sites.

Look at the below infographic for further insights.


liquid web vs nexcess

Sum Up

Both Liquid Web and Nexcess have been serving the Web Hosting Industry for years. Both of them provide most Human Customer Service and gained trust among users.

It is our observation that Nexcess should be the preferred option for Beginners, new startups and for individuals who love to start small. Nexcess starter hosting plans are quite cheaper and you can easily upgrade later as the business grows on.

We recommend Liquid Web if you need premium hosting. It is best fit for Large institutions, Big Enterprises,medium sized businesses and for Heavy Traffic Sites with massive Databases.

Liquid Web is a bit expensive but it will bring peace of mind for you for sure.

At this point, Thanks to You for reading the article till the end. 

Are you looking for a new hosting provider or planning to migrate from an existing one?

Do you have any thoughts about starting a new business?

Or How do you feel after reading the article?

Please feel free to share in the comments.

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Disclosure: Our team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. We aim to highlight the products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our partner.

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