Best Email Service Provider for beginners in 2024: Moosend Vs Brevo Review

Business is all about communicating with customers. There are many ways out there to do that. But if you are a beginner and have a low budget to spend on, one mode of communication can be the savior for you! Do you know what it is?

Yes, I am talking about Email marketing. It is still the most cost-effective channel to contact customers.

The number of email users in the world will reach 4.6 billion by 2025. For every $1 spend on email marketing, You are going to receive $42 in your bank account! That’s surely the highest ROI than paid search or social media marketing. Moreover, You are getting more personal with customers through email marketing. Here are some more benefits for email marketing explained.

Ok, now you know the importance of email marketing. What’s next?

How to Choose an Email marketing software?

The next step is how to choose the best email marketing software for your business. 

There are many tools available but you need to select one that fits your business needs first.

But comparing email marketing platforms and choosing one is quite hard.

My suggestion is- take a pen and a paper. Write down your business goals, target audience and what you want to achieve through email marketing.

Look which provides best automation, personalization, A/B testing, advanced analytics and support. Some provide free plans and some have free trials. You can easily sign up and get real time experience from there also.

Read the article to find what to look for in an email marketing platform.

In this article, we will compare two email marketing software- Moosend and Brevo, and will show how you can be benefited by using them.

Both platforms are well known, easy and best email marketing software for beginners in the market. Both have some unique features and work best in specific areas.

We will try to figure out the best choice that removes your business pain points while doing Email marketing.

Moosend Vs Brevo : The Top 10 comparison features

Whenever I am about to purchase anything, I rely on comparison. But some comparison articles on the net are too complicated to make an instant decision.

That’s why I have pointed out the top most features that are mandatory to email marketers and business owners.

Let’s have a look at the features that will be examined:

Attention, Please!

To draw an honest comparison, I have signed up for Moosend trial plan and Brevo free plan. The following findings have been tested by me to get real pictures for these two software.

Let’s dive into the topic now-


Winner- Moosend

If you want to grow, build a product but to win you have to create a system.

Whenever a visitor signs up through your forms and landing pages, keeping him engaged and loyal should be your primary focus. That’s why automation is our top priority.

Moosend autopilots Welcome emails, product recommendations, abandoned cart emails and conditional steps with ease.

You can create any kind of recipe like birthday wish, Upsell/cross sell, re-engagement, survey, thank you automation from Moosend readymade templates.

You can then select your action trigger and set your automation workflow.

Brevo also works fine for email automation. But it has a quite lower collection of readymade templates than Moosend.

Most of the time, you need to create your own from scratch.

Moreover, to activate automation in Brevo free plan, you will have to contact them.

On the other hand , Moosend automation is default in their any plan.

Email limit and no of contacts

Winner- Both Moosend & Brevo

Moosend offers unlimited emails in any plan where Brevo restricts email sending from 9000 to 20,000 per month.

Brevo offers unlimited contacts or subscribers to add. Moosend has various ranges to add subscribers.

The price of these two software vary as per no of subscribers and email sending limit.

Landing pages, Newsletter and forms building

Winner- Moosend

Moosend has a visual Drag & Drop editor which is helpful for creating landing pages super fast.

It has a wide collection of landing page templates to work with.

For newsletter service, Moosend has over 75+ ready templates in their archive. You can add some super features like countdown timer,video in your newsletter also.

To assist you with building your own list, Moosend has many free online form templates like Landing pages, Pop up, floating box and inline forms.

Brevo does not offer landing pages to its free and starter plan users. That means to get landing pages features, you need to purchase their business plan which is $65/month.

Subscription form building in Brevo for beginners is quite hard. There are no ready templates available in the Sendinblue plan. You have to go through the long design process from scratch.

Segmentation and personalization

Winner- Moosend

People feel appreciated and honored when you call them by name or by any known traits.

If you can segment your customers properly and send them personalized emails, you are sure to be more successful than others.

Moosend helps to segment your lists as per your business needs. Take a look at some ready segmentation from Moosend.

You can also create your own custom segment and set your own criteria.

Brevo has excellent segmentation tools also. You can segment your subscribers as per contact details, email engagement, website visit etc.

Adding personalization is also a vital part of email marketing. Surprise your customers on their birthday,wedding anniversary or provide a preferred product discount.

Both Moosend and Brevo have cool personalization tools in their arsenal.


Winner- Brevo

Email delivery is a major concern for email marketers. If your email lands on the spam folder, you are sure to lose customers’ trust and business opportunities.

You can read the guide for better understanding on Email deliverability.

Moosend has many tools like anti-spam check, scheduled sending, SPF(Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM(Domain Keys Identified Mail) to ensure better delivery.

Moosend uses SMTP server for proper inbox landing in the pro plan.

But I like the deliverity features at Brevo. They offer dedicated IP for safe inbox landing. With at least two dedicated IPs, you can create a pool of dedicated IPs for better effective delivery.

You can send transactional emails efficiently with their default SMTP application and shared IP even with a free plan.

We are already Half Way Through The Article!

Are You Ready To Start Sending Some Emails To Customers?

Start 30 Day Free Trial With Moosend Right Now

Email tracking and Analytics

Winner- Moosend

Why is data analytics so vital in business? In a sentence, it helps to optimize their performances.

In the field of email marketing, it is essential to understand the behavior and actions of your recipients.

Moosend can track your site visitors actions, customers behavior and thus helps to send targeted email campaigns to them. You can easily see the email open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe list from the Moosend dashboard.

But what amazed me about Moosend is their custom reporting. At present it has 51 custom widgets available from various points of view. You can track any specific campaign and see top recipients, top links, device type, top browser, location map, best performing day with time and many more.

You can also generate reports on mailing lists like growth, source,engagement, active members, unsubscribed members etc.

To track website activity, you can add a widget on latest orders, cart conversion rate, top 10 customers, new vs returning customers and so on.

I think this excellent feature will be a game changer both for email marketers and business owners.

Brevo also offers basic analytics to users. You can see email campaign statistics like click rate,open rate, total replies, soft and hard bounces.

You can also get a full conversion report from the reporting dashboard. Brevo also tracks SMS campaigns and that stat is also available in the dashboard.

To get geographic location, device usage, heat map analysis you will need a business or enterprise plan.

Worried About Google Ranking?

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API & Integration

Winner- Brevo(A close call indeed)

No email marketing software is perfect. But the performance can be improved if it has API and integration with others.

Moosend has integration with top tools across all categories. It has its own API that connects Email Heatmaps, Woocommerce, APIXDrive, Magento, Elementor, Prestashop, Opencart,Mailchimp, salesforce and Google contacts. Moreover You can also connect with others through Zapier. 

The major downside I found about Moosend is its inactive wordpress plugin in the wordpress directory.

Find the full list of integrations for Moosend from here.

Brevo also offers API and integrations with others.You can connect your online store like woocommerce and Prestashop. It has integration with lots of CRM like Zendesk, Pipedrive, and salesforce. Brevo has a nice WordPress plugin and integration with WIX also.

Find more integrations about Brevo.

Ease of Use

Winner- Moosend

Sending an email through Moosend is easy. It has a Drag & Drop editor, A/B testing facilities, AI subject line optimizer and countdown timers. Everything is built with the mind to save valuable time and money for the entrepreneurs. Moosend has lots of resources like tutorials, blogs and webinars to educate the users.

Brevo also has a drag & Drop visual editor which makes it possible to design emails easily. Sending emails with a customer’s first name, full name or adding any GIF is easy with Sendinblue.

Brevo also provides SMS marketing facilities that help better conversion. 

Brevo Academy is an excellent place for beginners to learn about Email marketing. 

By taking the courses, you will become an expert from a novice, i bet.

According to G2, Moosend is rated 9.2 for ease of use and 9.1 for ease of setup.

On the other hand, Brevo is rated 9.1 for ease of use and 8.9 for ease of setup.

Customer Support

Winner- Moosend

Many software companies are poor at customer support. After purchase support is so essential that sometimes it influences the customers choice.

Moosend provides Email and chat support for all their plans. If you are in the pro plan, you have the option to add 5 team mates there. Moosend enterprise plan maintains a dedicated account manager, premium campaign performance, Deliverability optimization features.

Brevo has email support on all levels. Their chat support is not available in the starter plan rather you have to purchase a minimum business plan for that. Adding  a team is available in their enterprise plan only.

G2 rated Brevo 8.8 in the field of quality of support while Moosend got 9.2.

Read the full comparison and customer reviews between Moosend and Brevo from here.

Pricing Comparison

Winner- Moosend

This is the last segment that we want to share with you and that is Price!

Someone will tell you that if quality is preferred, price should not be an option to think about.

Ok, somehow the statement is correct.

But price matters! Price is important both for beginners and for established business entities to minimize cost and maximize revenue.

Let’s talk about Moosend first.

Moosend has 2 levels of pricing plan for users. It has a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan.

But before that, Moosend has a free trial option. Free trial is free to use Moosend for 30 days with all features. After the trial ends, you can no longer access the account without purchasing a paid plan.

Moosend pro plan is designed both for small and growing businesses.

It costs you only $7/month if purchased with an annual subscription up to 500 subscribers.

Other tiers for Moosend are:

Enterprise plan for Moosend is all in one email marketing solution for every category.

Brevo has 4 plans available. Plans vary according to email sending limits.

Every plan comes with unlimited contacts for Brevo and all above prices are calculated upon purchase of annual subscription.

Finishing line:

We have tried to compare Moosend and Brevo as per the most important fields for email marketing.

From the point outlined, we have found Moosend as the clear winner.

Moosend is cheap, affordable and easy for beginners and startups. 

If you have a low budget to start and want every feature of email marketing, Moosend should be the prime choice.

On the contrary, If you want an all-in-one software for marketing automation, try Brevo.

That’s wrap up for now. Do you have any questions or suggestions about Email marketing?

Feel free to comment below. I am ready to share my findings with you always.

Disclosure: Our team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. We aim to highlight the products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our partner.

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