Finally! A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Free Newsletter


You have a product or service to offer. You have a target audience. Now you want to inform your audience about product updates regularly, want to make a sale, want to share detailed service information or want them to engage with your brand.

A newsletter should be your top arsenal in this respect.

To be simple, a newsletter is a digital publication delivered by email that keeps subscribers informed about a particular topic, industry, or organization. These informative emails are distributed at regular intervals, like weekly or monthly, and can be a great way to stay connected with your audience.

How does it help businesses and brands?

Newsletters provide a direct channel to connect, inform, and engage with a permission-based group of interested individuals.

Newsletters help you with-

Cultivating brand awareness and growing a loyal audience.

Increasing website traffic and building a subscriber base in any channel.

Building relationships, trust and authenticity.

Driving targeted engagement with personalized offers and solutions.

            Boosting sales and conversions and generating a handsome revenue.

            Gathering valuable customer insights through polls, quizzes and surveys.

Above all, by providing valuable content, nurturing relationships, and driving targeted engagement, newsletters can help you achieve your marketing goals and build a loyal following.

Who needs a newsletter?

Business owners & Founders : Use newsletters to announce new products or services, share industry news and insights, offer exclusive promotions, and build brand loyalty.

Content Creators: Bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and other content creators must consider using newsletters to stay connected with their audience and keep them informed about new content. This can help increase website traffic and grow a huge following.

Educators and Trainers:  You can share course materials, updates on your field, and upcoming events with your students or colleagues. You can boost sales with email campaigns where other channels have low conversion rates.

Individuals with a Personal Brand: If you’re an individual building a personal brand, a newsletter can be a great way to connect with potential clients or collaborators. You can use it to share your expertise, promote your work, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Ultimately, anyone who wants to connect with an audience and share information can benefit from having a newsletter. The key is to tailor the content to the specific interests of your subscribers and provide them with valuable and engaging information.

Top tools for making a newsletter

Several Email marketing software are in the market to design and manage newsletters. You can go with any of them that fits your needs. Some mentionable tools are –







Constant Contact   

Let's Create A Newsletter (For Free)

Now, We are going to show you step by step here to create a newsletter for free.

Yes, you heard it right! You can create your dream Newsletter without a penny!

Brevo is our preferred platform to do this tutorial. Brevo free plan helps us to build a free Newsletter. You can send 300 emails/day, use automation and get hundreds of email templates at zero price here.

We think, Brevo is the perfect choice to start with for beginners.

To fully understand the tutorial, you need to sign up with Brevo.

First things first, create your free Brevo account.

After logging in you will see a dashboard like this. Click on Campaigns and then Create a campaign button.

Click on Email. Give your Email campaign a name and click on Create campaign button.

As we have set our sender email earlier, it is showing Get Business Map as a sender of the Newsletter.  You click on Manage sender and add your email under From email box.

Then click on Add recipients and select your list.

Now, click on Add subject to add a subject line for the newsletter. Also add a preview text. You can use AI to write catchy subject line that draws attention. Hit save button below.

Time to design your Newsletter. Click on start designing. You can choose from hundreds of readymade templates and save them for later use. You can also code your own design. Select a Newsletter template there or any that you like best.

On the left side, you can see there are three categories like Content, Style and AI.

Under Content, you can write the texts , insert images, videos, buttons. You can also add your social links, payment links from there. You can also add predesigned sections without wasting time.

After selecting the template, insert your brand logo, add your own texts. Update your social links and update email footer with necessary information. Click on Save & quit button next.

Look at the additional settings you want to include and tick them. Before sending any newsletter you have the option to preview & Test. We suggest you to send a test email before any live operation. Now click on Schedule button.

You will find three options there. You can send it immediately or schedule for later. You can also use Send at best time feature if you upgrade from the free plan.

Hit the Send now button to publish your first Newsletter. Woohoo! You have done it!

Make your Newsletter Stand Out

Congrats, on completing the tutorial. Your Newsletter is live now.

But this is only the beginning. You need to deliver value consistently to retain your subscribers and attract new customers. Show your authenticity, build trust, share your guidance and build an engaged community.

Don’t put too many links and force sales. Never misguide or spam your fans.

Stay transparent and follow Email best practices to remain compliant. All the best.

Feel free to share your thoughts in comments. We love feedback.

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