In Search of Website Customization Services: Will These by TemplateMonster Meet Your Needs?

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Is it worth your time and money to employ website customization services? It is a common query among individuals who need an amazing site promptly. Seven key factors, in our opinion, can persuade others to opt for them.

  1. It will be easy to obtain a first-class end-product if you turn to real experts. However, hiring a web developer is not always essential. Without a doubt, a larger budget opens up more possibilities. Using website customization services, on the other hand, is a wise decision.
  2. They give you a chance to save time while taking care of your business and other responsibilities. Have you ever had to start building a website without having any initial foundation for it? It might take months to prepare everything. The team will take around a week to accomplish your tasks when it comes to such services, It implies you will have a chance to go online as quickly as possible.
  3. As we have already mentioned, website customization services allow you to launch your online project in a flash. As an example, you can begin selling your items and recouping your funds right after your site enters the Internet.
  4. The team does nothing without your permission. It will be possible to go through all of the specifics and ensure that the final result meets your expectations. You can, by the way, check the state of progress at any point throughout its construction. It is also fantastic when the experts enable a few modifications without charging extra money.
  5. Experts may also advise you on on-site functioning and aesthetics. To put it another way, your site will undoubtedly suit your business and its objectives. It is beneficial to individuals who are not very skilled at site design. The staff can provide valuable suggestions and information about the current trends.
  6. There will be no additional costs associated with establishing security and SEO. These website customization services bring them all together. There would be no need to search for third-party plugins to ensure that your website is safe from hackers and other dangers.
  7. Finally, your web project will be one-of-a-kind. The team will adhere to your instructions to make it appear unique.

We have prepared two options for your requirements today: website customization services and eCommerce web services. We have prepared two options for your requirements today: website modification services and eCommerce web services. We have attempted to compile as much information as possible regarding the project’s overall development, price, and other relevant data. It will be easy to determine whether they fit your demands and preferences.

Ultimate Website Customization Services: Basic Info to Remember

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Let’s begin with website customization services, which enable you to create a completely functional and SEO-optimized website. Within 5-8 business days after receiving your purchase, TemplateMonster guarantees to provide an outstanding web project. Anyway, it is critical to understand all of the specifics before deciding whether it is appropriate for your requirements.


What is waiting for you in these website customization services?

  1. To begin, it is a pre-configured template installation. The team will modify all the required parts of your next site. These involve more than just logo and color changes. Experts will also incorporate all original pieces of content into your website. They can work with up to five pages of content or 10 blog pages. Finally, you can request to activate a contact form.
  2. As you may expect, this service includes SEO optimization. To put it another way, you will benefit from enhanced SEO optimization. It has 1800 words of SEO copywriting that will draw attention to your website.
  3. There will also be no need to look for high-quality stock photos. Access to 15 stunning images from is included in the bundle.
  4. It is also critical to safeguard your web project. As a result, the team will use captcha/Recaptcha to prevent spammers from attacking the site. GDPR and CCPA requirements are also an indispensable part of the package.
  5. Professionals will also include a social feed to attract more attention and provide additional chances for connection. They will also set up the email subscription form.

If you have any extra assignments, the team will need around 20 hours to finish them.

Additional Information to Keep in Mind

  1. These website modification services are only applicable to a single website. Your dev hours are limited when it comes to advanced code adjustments (20 hours). If you want the team to complete more intricate tasks, you can pay an additional charge to get them ready.
  2. You have two free revisions to verify all the modifications.
  3. The premium service allows you to choose a free WordPress or Joomla template.

The team also requires to have the following elements to start working:

  • cPanel plus FTP and MySQL access to your hosting
  • colors that are to be changed in the template
  • content (images and texts) for informational pages and blog posts
  • logo (preferably in .SVG)
  • RGB codes of new colors
  • detailed content placement instructions.

Will These Website Customization Services Suit Your Budget?

  1. In general, the formula goes like this: the total cost is $1599, which includes a ready-to-use service ($1657) and a website theme ($98).
  2. You may now get them at a reduced price: ready-to-use service ($1199) + website theme ($0) = total price ($1199).

eCommerce Website Customization Services: What to Expect From Them?

The next website customization services we would like to discuss are all about eCommerce. Everything works the same when it comes to ordering them.

  1. Everything begins with gathering the necessary information regarding your online store. For the team to install the template, you will also need to provide them access to your hosting account. Share all of the material for your pages and blog pages after that. Remember to provide your content positioning instructions. The team will also require a CSV file containing your items, which they will import onto the site.
  2. They will install and adjust the template after receiving your online shop data. Changes to the logo and color scheme, as well as the addition of content and the activation of the contact form, are among them. Remember that if you have any questions regarding the progress of the website, you can always contact your manager.
  3. After that, a professional SEO team will do all possible to improve the online store. It will be necessary to work on various tasks to develop an effective approach. These include Google Search Console integration, keyword mapping and targeting, and the generation of internal links and meta tags.
  4. Finally, you must examine a final variant of your eCommerce site. Two free revisions are available to customers who use the service. In other words, you can request adjustments without incurring additional costs. The team provides you the login and password when you accept the online project. They provide you access to the admin panel, which you may use to administer your store.

What procedures does the team do to ensure that you have a great eCommerce website?

  1. The first step is to install the template that you have chosen.
  2. Following that, the team begins adjusting various shop settings. These are the following ones:

             a. Options for shipping, tax, payment, and currency.
             b. Logo replacement and the store’s contact information.
             c. Managing and importing your product collections. Their total inventory has a limit of 1000 basic items. Unfortunately, you will need to work with their choices, combinations, and characteristics yourself.
             d. They will also build up the navigation for the site, which will include menus and permalinks.
             e. Finally, you have the option of requesting the installation of other languages (not more than five languages). Keep in mind that this assignment is just for PrestaShop users.

    1. 3. After that, the team will concentrate on integrating Google Analytics
  1.      4. Content upgrades, speed and SEO optimization, and social feed integration are also waiting for you in these eCommerce website customization services. You will also obtain GDPR and CCPA compliance, as well as captcha/Recaptcha.

The team will also give you 15 images from and guide you through the process of setting up an email subscription

Additional Information to Keep in Mind

  1. eCommerce website customization services work only for one site. When it comes to sophisticated code modifications, your dev hours are limited (20 hours). You can pay an extra fee to have the team perform more complex jobs, and specialists will complete them.
  2. You have a chance to ask for two free revisions to ensure that your result is correct.
  3. These eCommerce website customization services provide free WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, or Magento themes.

The team also requires to have the following elements to start working:

  • cPanel, FTP, and MySQL access to your hosting account;
  • colors that you want to change;
  • content (images and texts) for informational pages and blog posts and a logo (ideally in. SVG);
  • CSV file with a product list and precise content placement instructions.

Learning More About Pricing of eCommerce Web Development Services

  1. These eCommerce website services typically cost $1858. The calculation is as follows: $1778 for a ready-to-use service ($1679) plus a website theme ($179).
  2. However, if you opt to get these eCommerce website services right now, you may save money. They will be more suitable for your budget, thanks to the price of $1479. To put it another way, the bundle costs $1479 and includes a ready-to-use service ($1479) as well as a free website theme ($0).

A Few Words in Conclusion

These two types of website customization services are, in our opinion, rather good. You will be able to select any ready-made solution at no cost. Following that, the crew will listen to all of your instructions and preferences to build a fantastic online project. There are more advantages to remember in addition to template installation and modification. A personal manager, on-page SEO optimization, spam and hacker protection, extra development hours, and many more features are available. As a result, you can think of these website development services as your assistant. Thanks for reading!

Do you have any other thoughts? Feel Free to comment.


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